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What My Clients Have to Say

I’ve always been committed to helping my clients thrive and reach their goals. Every unique client is important to me, and it’s my pleasure to share some of their reviews with you with their LinkedIn Links where it has been permissible. 

I was applying for the Youth Scholars Program offered by Ashoka University. The slots were few, but applications many. To get in, I had to write an essay on 'My Life's 3 Most Profound Experiences'. It was a daunting task, and having never written something like this, I had no idea how to write this. I wrote a first essay, but quickly realized this wasn't going to cut it. The essay had no direction, thoughts meandering all over the place. I realized I needed help, and thus my mother found out and contacted Nirali Ma'am, someone adept at assisting students write such applicational essays.
The minute Nirali Ma'am came into the picture, I knew I had a chance of qualifying for the program. She understood my difficulty, and quickly worked towards getting me to write a better essay. She carefully connected all my thoughts, and gave the essay much needed structure and depth. She added finesse and rational to my jumbled up points, and helped me create an idealistic yet completely rational essay. As I compared this essay to my earlier, I could see the glaring difference. Nirali Ma'am did not write the essay for me, but helped me hone my writing, a far greater skill to master. She had the utmost professionalism about her work. and I sincerely thank her in helping me indeed qualify for the program.

Aditya A - Summer School - Ashoka University

“Nirali has this amazing ability to understand both the high-level, holistic story and analyze how its deeper sub-components can be brought together to tell a more compelling narrative. She was incredibly helpful in making me understand the gap between the story I wanted to tell and what I had put to paper. She worked so hard to get to know me and bring my voice to the story rather than adding things that weren’t as authentic.  I loved working with her and am very impressed by her genuine passion for her work.”

Anjana D - MBA - University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management

“The whole package of college applications and essays was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what how to format my essays.
Nirali helped me immensely! She really cares about her clients and took the time to understand my needs. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on exactly what made me unique. Her suggestions really made my essays reach their full potential, flow more naturally and become more powerful. She also helped me emphasize my strengths on my application and helped me clearly format and organize my resume”

Mahi J - Under Graduate - University of Austin, Penn State, UIUC

“I had Nirali for helping me with my essays to working on recommendations and interview prep. The best part and most unique part was she actually would sit down, understand interests and help with making a personalized essay. The essay is true to the core hence never really faced any fear or had to make up things. From multiple edits to doing multiple rounds of interviews, she made me all ready to face off in my masters applications. I can proudly say I got accepted in top 10 global universities (NUS) She's an amazing coach and excellent counselor!”

Pranjal Jain - Masters in Business Analytics - National University Singapore (NUS), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

“I worked with Nirali on a couple of applications. Her approach is adaptable and tailored made to each individual. She helped me develop a story that balanced my past experiences and future aspirations. Her essay editing skills help highlight the same with precision.”

Sanchit Gulabani, MBA - University of Hong Kong, IIM Calcutta

Absolutely recommend Nirali’s Overseas Academic Advisory services. She played a crucial role in helping me get into London Business School and helped me at every step along the way!

Aditya Paranjpe - MiM (Masters in Management) -  London Business School

Ms. Nirali as an overseas educational consultant has guided me through the entire process tremendously and made it free-flowing for me. From the very first moment till the very end, she has been objective, precise and patient.
The entire process may get intimidating but she made it so smooth for me by taking it at my pace, be it helping me making my Resumé succinct or be it modifying some content to make things so much more systematic and well-ordered. 
She first understood my needs,  wants and goals and then personalized and worked around it in a very professional manner. She encouraged me to draft my own work and would further assist me in making the necessary modifications and edits with a keen attention to detail.
Overall, it has been an exceptional experience choosing her as my consultant and I’m so content to have made the decision of approaching her to guide me. 
I would highly recommend anyone to take her overseas consultation services!

Hiral Gandhi -  Masters in Psychology -   University College London,  University of Leeds

Hello Hustlers. Four months ago, I was just as you deprived of not getting the right information from the right person. I have spoken to 4-5 consultancies and had no choice but to believe in them.

When I was about to pay for a consultancy suddenly a  friend messaged me to contact  Nirali ma'am. In no time, I gave a call to her and post our conversation I decided that she was the right person with right knowledge. Without even knowing her personally, I could somehow signal that I was in the right person’s hand. She proved to be supportive from choosing the discipline to completing the final stages of applications. You can receive responses from her in a couple of minutes. This speeds up your application process leaving no room for mistakes. Let me cite a few examples. As I was confused between Information Systems and MEM, Nirali Ma'am spent a couple of hours to explain to me the pros, cons, and life after graduation position 5 years later.

I generally ask a lot of questions and she responded without any frustration. She made me define my purpose of going to US and showcase that on the SOP which gives me a good front. Let me tell you, if you follow the her structure for SOP and LOR, I believe you will get into your desired universities for sure. As I followed the instructions from my her, my SOP is now fine-tuned defining my end purpose of coming to the US. Ma'am has a day job but was still able to clarify every question pertaining to the SOP/LOR. During her lunch breaks, she used to call me to discuss the content on the SOP. You send the document to her (you give the vision to the SOP), she will return to you in less than two days with better versions of the document and using the right technical words. She gives you the right amount of time to make your SOP look much better than previous versions. I never expected my SOP could come out so well, look so strong and I can honestly transfer the credit to her. Even though committed to other student’s work, the she responded in less than one day to reduce my SOP from 5 pages/ 6382 words to 2 pages/ 500words.

During the application process, she was damn helpful and replied in minutes to the messages. Any doubts in the application, I used to click a photo and send it to her. Because of her I was less tensed during the applications because even finishing applications carefully is important. I am sure that I will get into my dream university and a give a vote of Niral Ma'am. Nirali Advisory has been one of the best decisions in my Master’s process because it benefitted me in a lot of ways. Coming to the cost, do not worry your money is in good hands and every penny is worth. Half of my tensions were taken by her. Thank you Nirali Ben (an elderly sister to me). Note: Remember. Keep in touch with the team so that she can serve you better.


Nisarg Patel

Nisarg Patel - Masters in Business Analytics - University Of Texas (Dallas), Maryland Business School, Penn State University, Naveen Jindal School Of Management, and Harrisburg University    

Nirali is definitely my go to for all things related to overseas education. Her vast knowledge and resources were extremely helpful in getting me familiar with the whole process, and she was able to give me a great insight into the colleges that would best suit my needs

I had an excellent experience working with you for my Masters in Counselling and Clinical Psychology. Your professionalism stood out to me. I felt very comfortable sharing my professional journey with you. It was great to learn that psychology is a subject of personal interest to you and you have worked with students in the field as well.

I had researched a few famous consultants, but your modesty and fully personalized service are what made me feel very confident about you. When I decided to apply for the program in Canada, I knew that my first masters and work experience was good, but since I did not have an undergraduate degree in psychology and was applying as an international student for a partially funded research-intensive program, I wasn't sure how my profile would be evaluated. I was looking for help on my admissions to make a strong statement of intent to highlight my strengths and tell my story.

You invested time to understand my story and hand held me through the entire process of writing the SOP. Your proactive approach in researching about the course and subject further inspired faith in me. Your focus on building the best version of my narrative was what resonated with me the most. My application came together so beautifully only because of you! I would recommend anyone who is seeking help for their application to work with you to make it an enriching journey. 

Vidhi GoenkaMasters in Counselling and Clinical Psychology

Nirali’s passion and commitment towards her work is evident from the moment one meets her. 
I don't think my college application essays would have turned out as well if it wasn’t for her guidance and support. I strongly recommend everyone who wants help with their applications to connect with her.

Ananya Vyapak - Under Graduate Liberal Arts - Ashoka University

I was studying at Flame University when I felt unsatisfied with the place I was studying in and I  approached Nirali with the thought of completing my education after going abroad. I was treated  with utmost support and aid to start the process. In the first meeting we discussed choosing the right  country for me to study in; in relation to the laws of staying in the country after my course is over.  This gave me a long term insight in terms of me being able to settle abroad, which is also my long  term goal. This made many things clear about choosing the countries I was applying to. We then  began the shortlisting process of choosing the correct universities to apply to. I had to shortlist my  five universities based on certain criteria which revolved around subjects like course description  and essay clues. Although I began my application later than the conventional date to apply to  colleges Nirali was nothing but supportive and helped me throughout the process of the application.  After my final university list was prepared we began the procedure of writing the statement of  purpose. I didn’t think that writing a statement of purpose was a strategic thing but as we progressed  with the essay I realised that it is rather an extremely calculated move that we had to make. Each of  the characters were thought about and it was rather a strategic move than an emotional one. My  application to the United Kingdom was a delayed one but it taken care with the utmost care and  importance. There was no sort of compromise or cut down in terms of the attention I received was  at its most. The interactions that Nirali and I had were primarily online but they were in its full  capacity which eventually bring out my entire potential in all the ways possible. From the time I  first had a conversation to the time I pressed the submit button on my UCAS portal Nirali had  always been a supportive and motivating person. In fact she always told me to aim higher to apply  to universities with better ranking as she always believed in me which psychologically gave me  backing to be more aspirational in terms of me applying to colleges. To conclude, working with  Nirali was nothing but a positive process that also homely yielded positive outcomes.

Vatsal Gada - Undergrad Psychology - University Of Stirling, Lancaster, and 

Nirali is very professional and organized in her approach. She started by understanding my background and ambitions before looking at my profile. She assessed my application thoroughly and gave valuable feedback for my CV & SOP. I recommend seeking guidance from her if you are planning to study abroad

Mehzabeen Lakdawala - Masters in Marketing

Interested in becoming a satisfied client? Get in touch with me today and see how my services can benefit you and your goals!

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