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I’ve always been committed to helping my clients thrive and reach their goals. Every unique client is important to me, and it’s my pleasure to share some of their reviews with you with their LinkedIn Links where it has been permissible. For additional feedback, please get in touch with me.

I was applying for the Youth Scholars Program offered by Ashoka University. The slots were few, but applications many. To get in, I had to write an essay on 'My Life's 3 Most Profound Experiences'. It was a daunting task, and having never written something like this, I had no idea how to write this. I wrote a first essay, but quickly realized this wasn't going to cut it. The essay had no direction, thoughts meandering all over the place. I realized I needed help, and thus my mother found out and contacted Nirali Ma'am, someone adept at assisting students write such applicational essays.
The minute Nirali Ma'am came into the picture, I knew I had a chance of qualifying for the program. She understood my difficulty, and quickly worked towards getting me to write a better essay. She carefully connected all my thoughts, and gave the essay much needed structure and depth. She added finesse and rational to my jumbled up points, and helped me create an idealistic yet completely rational essay. As I compared this essay to my earlier, I could see the glaring difference. Nirali Ma'am did not write the essay for me, but helped me hone my writing, a far greater skill to master. She had the utmost professionalism about her work. and I sincerely thank her in helping me indeed qualify for the program.

Aditya A - Summer School, Ashoka University

“Nirali has this amazing ability to understand both the high-level, holistic story and analyze how its deeper sub-components can be brought together to tell a more compelling narrative. She was incredibly helpful in making me understand the gap between the story I wanted to tell and what I had put to paper. She worked so hard to get to know me and bring my voice to the story rather than adding things that weren’t as authentic.  I loved working with her and am very impressed by her genuine passion for her work.”

Anjana D - MBA, University of Toronto, Canada

“The whole package of college applications and essays was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what how to format my essays.
Nirali helped me immensely! She really cares about her clients and took the time to understand my needs. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on exactly what made me unique. Her suggestions really made my essays reach their full potential, flow more naturally and become more powerful. She also helped me emphasize my strengths on my application and helped me clearly format and organize my resume”

Mahi J - Under Graduate, University of Austin, USA

“I had Nirali for helping me with my essays to working on recommendations and interview prep. The best part and most unique part was she actually would sit down, understand interests and help with making a personalized essay. The essay is true to the core hence never really faced any fear or had to make up things. From multiple edits to doing multiple rounds of interviews, she made me all ready to face off in my masters applications. I can proudly say I got accepted in top 10 global universities (NUS) She's an amazing coach and excellent counselor!”

Pranjal J - Masters, National University Singapore (NUS), UIUC

“I worked with Nirali on a couple of applications. Her approach is adaptable and tailored made to each individual. She helped me develop a story that balanced my past experiences and future aspirations. Her essay editing skills help highlight the same with precision.”

Sanchit G -MBA, University of Hong Kong, IIM Calcutta

Nirali helped me with my essays and letters of recommendation and she was amazing. I had spoken to numerous other study abroad consultants and was not impressed with them. Nirali's approach was a breath of fresh air. She was amazing at helping me draft my ideas. 
Her personal touch and the time she dedicated to helping me is something i believe everyone should experience. 
Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Khushnum P - MBA, Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, Canada

Absolutely recommend Nirali’s Overseas Academic Advisory services. She played a crucial role in helping me get into London Business School and helped me at every step along the way

Aditya Paranjpe,  MiM, London Business School

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